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Doctor, Why are you giving so many vaccines to my child?

By : on : June 30, 2018 comments : (18)

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I am Paediatrician. I do vaccination, in my clinic. Though they have come to complete the vaccination scheduled for their children, Some of the parents ask me this question

Doctor, Why are you giving so many vaccines to my child?

Are we not subjecting them to harm by introducing biological material into their system. Are we not going against nature?
These questions must have been lurking in their mind for long time, before it burst out.

Their questions are very valid.

“Vaccination..Medicines greatest triumph for Children”

We currently give over 20 vaccines in a child’s life time.The list of vaccination is going to grow further…

I wholeheartedly support vaccination as a father.I genuinely feel vaccination is the greatest gift I could offer to my children.

As a Paediatrician it is my duty to encourage the parents to vaccinate their kids promptly

Why I have been a staunch supporter of vaccines
Choice is clear?
As a parent..Are you going to protect your children against the deadly diseases
Sit back and let our children face the wrath of killer infections

History is striking…

When i was a medical student.. the IMR ( infant mortality rate), ie number of deaths of children before they reach one year, was cataclysmically very very high
Over 120 …per 1000 babies born
That meant 12 out of 100 babies died before reaching one year of age
Major reason for the drop isn’t because of the doctors … but because of the vaccines..

Polio has been eradicated..Thanks to polio vaccine.Diphtheria , whooping cough, Tetanus, Hepatitis are some of the deadly infections have been controlled successfully..

There are plenty of activities around the world to bring in vaccines for averting potential disastrous epidemic.

There is vaccine for dengue virus..but it is not just good enough..thats why the plan to introduce dengue vaccine in india has been pulled back.Work in progress still to get a better dengue vaccine

There is also work going on to make a single universal flu vaccine that could cover population worldover.

There are some animal trials on treating Nipah virus in austrailia with ” monoclonal antibody “..Still experimental

Vaccines for malaria, Hiv and ebola are underway

“Vaccination..Medicines greatest triumph for Children”
Please vaccinate your children without fail



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