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Health of Pregnant mothers and future of future generations

By : on : June 30, 2018 comments : (6)

Though we could do lot of things in our life time, to remain in good health,but many things are preordained and out of our control and designed well before we are born.

Simplistically we think we are formed inside our mothers womb. But if we look carefully, the eggs that made us a human were there when our grand mother was pregnant.We existed inside our mother’s tummy as eggs when our mother was a foetus.

Thats why ..
“When you are pregnant, you are also pregnant with your grand child”

And so we are, what our grand mother ate. Down the line we are what our mother ate. Our health is decided by how well our grandmother and our mother, looked after their health.

The state of health of us are decided well before we were born.

One of the most Important thing to do during is to remain active as much as possible for the benefit of individual self and more Importantly for the baby inside.

Taking complete bed rest during pregnancy is considered by many, as a very healthy option. It is absolutely wrong thing to do,in most instances. If we remain active and continue to do moderate exercise during pregnancy, there are so many health benefits. To name few…you have a reduced chances of developing Gestational diabetes, Pregnancy induced hypertension,Premature etc. You also increase the chance of normal by doing regular exercises throughout the pregnancy.

Now coming to latest information about diet during pregnancy…

We all are well aware of the fact that
” polycystic ovarian disease” is becoming more common than ever before. Diet and environment could be the reason behind this increasing incidence.

Latest study points that overweight in mothers could be the trigger factor for Polycystic ovarian diseases in their daughters.

Even if our ancestors were unhealthy, there is more compelling reason for us to remain healthy.

Ladies and gentlemen,
Take care. Eat healthy. Stay active..



Prenatal exposures and birth indices, and subsequent risk of polycystic ovary syndrome: a national registry-based cohort study

DOI: 10.1111/1471-0528.15236 www.bjog.org



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