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Abortion : Cost of a successful pregnancy is high

By : on : July 31, 2018 comments : (2)
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If you think abortion is rare. Think again. In ’s life aborted pregnancies are much more common than successful live births, in their life time. Latest study reveals the reality

Reproduction is often considered as the “purpose of life” of an individual.  For most couples, When the good news comes about, it is the most amazing moment. Success !!!…Yes… But the quest for a baby has only just begun !!

If nature strikes a blow with the spontaneous abortion, the whole world turns upside down for the couple.It is utterly devastating.

Most of us know miscarriage unfortunately, is quite common. But recent research has revealed the shocking fact that nature’s way of dealing with the conception is far from perfect, right from the outset. But makes up for the defect by expelling the foetuses, in most cases.

Yes unambiguous fact of life of a woman, is that the predominant outcome of a is “Abortion”, much more than the live births. In simple terms, most pregnancies aborts itself. Likelyhood of abortions are much more common than a successful birth of a healthy baby. And as the woman ages, the chances of miscarriage increases dramatically.

So, abortion should not be considered an abnormality. Miscarriage is the norm, and giving birth to a healthy baby is a less frequent incident.

Another fact is that, in most cases of pregnancies, the women dont even know they had an abortion and fail to realise they were pregnant.

Many of these spontaneously aborted foetuses if examined, would show  chromosomal abnormalities or the presence of some of the life threatening conditions. Initial inefficiency of nature’s conception stand corrected by expulsion… So it seems

Couples have to come to terms with these factual informations, when they embark on their journey to become a parent.

Every joy comes with a price.  Let us have lots of good luck. Let us get some solace from the fact that “Abortion is the norm” if we were to be unlucky

Ref : The high abortion cost of human reproduction

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