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Alternate medicine : Does it exist?

By : on : August 27, 2018 comments : (0)

A pregnant mother from a south indian city called Tirupur, tried to have natural birth at home, assisted by her medically untrained husband with the help of by step by step instructions from youtube. It turned into a huge tragedy. Mother died of excessive bleeding and her husband susequently jailed for his negligent act. Every one must be aware this misadventure that ended a woman’s life.

Many people get confused and assume everything in this world with a tag “nature” has got to be safe. Some people blindly follow the “good old days” principle despite knowing the perils that comes with it…… Having such fixed notion, is not only wrong but could be terribly dangerous.

If you look at the history of medicine, it has evolved from the most primitive ideas such as “Miasma theory” where people thought cholera, plague ( black death) were caused by “bad air” . Centuries ago weird practices were the only options people had.

These are a few :

Blood letting therapy, Leech therapy and the most gruesome ” Trepanation ” that is drilling a hole in someone’s head with the idea of “letting the bad spirits out” and thus cure the patient of their diseases relating to brain and mind.

We have come a long way. But human have a tendency to cling onto the some of the ugly past and continue to subject themselves to the perils of the old unsafe practices.

How did human correct the mistakes of the past to get the medicine to the mainstream? So what is the “Tool” that allowed the progress of Medicine to it’s present glory?

The greatest tool that the thinking human possesses is “Finding the evidence” . By default, human mind is always clouded by assumptions and bias. Human used this tool ” The evidence” to eliminate them and thereby paved the way for the birth of “Scientific Medicine”

Now the next question comes…Is there an entity called “alternative medicine”?

To know the truth that if something works, we have no option but to use the tool “The Evidence”.

If you do not have a proof that something works, then that can not be called as alternate medicine, rather it should be called a medicine that does not work, until proven otherwise.

And so, there is no ” Alternative medicine “.

There could only be two kinds of medicine.

One that works
One that does not

There are many varieties of medical principles.. Homeopathy, Naturopathy, Siddha, Unani, Ayurveda, Acupuncture etc etc..

It has been disproved without a doubt that Homeopathic treatment does not work and UK is bringing in measures to ban that practice.

But it is not the duty of the scientific community to disprove the so called ” Alternative Medicine”. The burden of proof lies with those who assert.

If you prove it then it becomes the medicine that works, If you dont then it is as good as sugar coated flour pill.

So choose wisely. It is the matter of precious life

Dr M Saravanan


Rio Children and Maternity Hospital


Dr Saravanan


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