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Go to jail for not vaccinating your child. Is it fair?

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“You did not vaccinate your child and disobeyed my order. It is contempt of the court and you go to jail”, a judge from Michigan (USA) penalizes a mother

“Vaccinate your child. If not, no admission for your child in our school”, rules a school in Australia

“You haven’t vaccinated yourself. You can’t continue your job in our company”, a firm in America penalizes a staff.

World has witnessed such drastic actions taken against those who refuse to entertain vaccines, for their children. Many in the world think these are very harsh, draconian, punitive action against those who just stand for their right and freedom of choice.

Is it fair to deny people’s choice? Has the health and safety been compromised by denying vaccination? Is the democracy more important than safety?


It is no exaggeration…. To me ” Vaccination is the Medicine’s greatest triumph for Children”.

You must read this week’s report from World Health Organization :

Record measles outbreak in Europe reaches 41,000 cases

Parental choice of denying vaccination has resulted in massive increase in number of cases of measles infection across the europe, according to the World Health Organization.

Across the 53 countries in the region, there have been at least 37 deaths and more than 41,000 cases in the first 6 months, already nearly double the 23,927 cases recorded in the whole of 2016

Measles menace as a result of poor vaccination uptake

Distribution of measles cases by month and year of rash onset in the European Region, Jan-2010 to Jun-2018

Vaccines can eliminate some of the notoriously dangerous infections. Human have eliminated Small pox and Polio in almost all over the world. India is declared “Polio free” now.

Success story of polio vaccination is only possible with the wholehearted effort to contain the virus with unprecedented coverage. The crucial vaccination threshold point to eliminate a deadly infections is about 95% population coverage. If it drops below 95% then we would potentially be seriously compromising the Herd immunity. Herd immunity is a form of indirect protection from infectious disease that occurs when a large proportion of a population has become immune to an infection, thereby providing a some amount of protection for people who are not immune.

In some of the eastern European countries measles vaccination coverage has been plummeting over the past 10 years. In some places vaccination rates have dropped to 50 per cent. The WHO warns that as soon as fewer than 95 per cent of eligible children receive vaccination, measles can spread rapidly. You will be absolutely wrong if you think Measles infection is harmless one. It has always been a culprit causing death and destruction in large of number of children, every year.

As a parent,if the cost of our freedom is thousands of children’s life, every year, then… Is it really worth it?

Think safe.. Act wisely !!!

Dr M Saravanan D.C.H., MRCP UK (Paediatrics)


Rio Children and Maternity Hospital


Dr Saravanan


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