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Male child harder to comeby during the time of stress

By : on : August 27, 2018 comments : (0)

Yet another evidence to show how strong the women are…

I am a Paediatrcian. I have always been intrigued by some thing that i notice almost every day. Yes.. When I inject the vaccine to his baby, fathers always disappear from my consultation room . While the most mothers, stay put with the baby and make sure that i give the vaccine safely. She always ensures her baby is comforted promptly following the injection. The fathers simply do not cope. Though they seem tough externally, they are psychologically very tender inside. So it seems…

Now biological fact …

Research done very recently in Japan, showed that significantly fewer boys were born, months following diasasters such as earth quake and tsunami. Data from pregnant mothers who delivered their babies following those disasters showed, birth of higher number of female children compared to normal times.

Possible explanation is that “Y” chromosome of male foetus may not be strong enough to withstand the stress, resulting in increased rate of abortion of male foetuses, during the time of natural calamities. And on the otherhand, female foetuses are much stronger and withstand the stress much better.

In evolutionary terms, it makes sense that nature prefers and protects the stronger sex, “The women”, so that human race survives the disasters and calamities.

Hard times require hard measures and nature says ..”You men, the weaker sex.. You are not my priority”

Dr M Saravanan


Rio children Hospital Madurai

Dr Saravanan


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