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women the stronger sex that decides the fate of humanity

By : on : August 27, 2018 comments : (0)

Women live longer than men. Almost they live extra 10 years.

Right from the word “go” it is evident. Male babies show they are ‘The weaker sex”. Male babies  have a mortality 25% percentage greater than the female babies, before they could complete 1 year of age. Display of genetical advantage of being born as a girl is quite obvious, right from the outset.

Women overall have a better resistance to biological aging. The hormone “Oestrogen” could play a biological vital role in women’s health and their longevity.

Even though many biological and genetic factors have been identified as the key factors in the longevity in women,  the influence of social factors on mortality is undeniable. For example in France, women live 7.8 years longer than men.On the otherhand, women in India live a meagre 0.6 years longer.

It makes sense that women ought to remain stronger and live longer to sustain the survival of human species. “Women” the essence of life on earth. Undeniably, Women ” the stronger and superior sex”

With great power comes the great  responsibilities. And because of this very fact, women toil and endure hardship throughout their lives and their extra years of life just brings extra “sufferings”.

Extra years to live..But what kind of life is it? Over thirty years of USA health data have revealed that ladies often spend most of the surplus years in poor health and disability

Working women of current generation and the future would face greater pressure not only at the working place but also at home. Economic independency does not necessarily give the women the comfort and support they need to rear their children and run their family. Here comes the role of Men “the weaker sex”  to support and invigorate the queen of human life

Long live “The queen”.. The essence of life


Dr M Saravanan


Rio childrens and Maternity Hospital Madurai

Dr Saravanan


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