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After all, Milk Teeth vanish. Do i care?

By : on : August 28, 2018 comments : (0)

I am called as “Milk Teeth” because of I am milky white in colour.

I the “Milk Teeth” start to erupt anytime after 6 months of birth and i complete erupting, by 3 years of age.

My main roll is cutting, chewing and grinding the food for easy digestion. Usually I fall out in the same order that I appeared. That means the lower center teeth (lower center incisors) are usually the first to go, around age 6 or 7. The top center pair is next…

It’s quite possible for your child to reach age 7 or 8 without losing any Milk Teeth at all. There’s probably nothing to worry. But just get me checked in with your dentist to make sure I am alright.

Milk Teeth have to fall out to make way for permanent teeth to grow – a process that continues until the final molars the called “wisdom teeth” are in. This can take until your child is anywhere from age 17 to 20

I am important for holding the space for permanent teeth. If i am lost before normal shedding time, due to problems in teeth, then the adjacent teeth will move into that space leading to loss of space for permanent teeth…..

And so, Please take care of me very well !!

Dr Vijaykumar Child Specialist Dentist

Rio Children’s Hospital

Dr Saravanan


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