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Branded fried chicken is not healthy…But my son loves it. Shall I get it for him, occasionally?

By : on : August 28, 2018 comments : (0)

Many parents have this question in their mind, yet fulfill the appetite for fast food cravings of their children. Fried chicken especially is “god sent ” for the kids.

The advertisements, the ambience at the restaurant, and ofcourse the amount of research done by the fast food chain of restaurants, to lure the kids into their premises is phenomenal…

It could be shocking for some of us to know those fried chickens in the chicken outlets are kept for very long time frozen ( upto 6 months).

Apart from the chances of biological contamination, the effects of preservatives and chemicals used are very scary indeed.

EDC : Endocrine disrupting chemicals ..This is very known. Those children who eat in restaurants are exposing themselves to those.

Another big problem is, usage of antibiotics in poultry industry. It is extremely likely that we are all eating antibiotics treated chickens. Very sad but it is true. This completely changes the balance of microbiomes in our body. Harmful bacteriae potentiality could be thriving at the expense of friendly bacteriae.

Coming to the answer to the question..Could we take our children to such restaurants?

If it is infrequent, very likely our body would cope with the assault.But if we indulge frequently, then we would have to face the consequences.

Dr M Saravanan


Rio childrens and Maternity Hospital Madurai

Dr Saravanan


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