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Febrile seizure (FITS) in your child ..

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1. What is febrile fits?
Febrile seizures are convulsions (fits) that occur in children following an episode of fever
(usually above 38 degree celsius)

2. Febrile fits is common in which age group?
Febrile fits usually occurs between six months to 5 years
of age. Most of the episodes occurs between 12 and 18 months of age.

3. As a parent do you need to worry too much?
You need not worry too much as febrile seizures do not cause damage to the brain.

4. Will febrile fits affect your child intelligence?

5. what causes febrile fits?
Febrile fits is usually caused by fever following an infection (eg.common cold),
following vaccination.

6. What are the types of febrile fits?Simple and complex.

7. what is simple febrile fits?
It is the most common type of febrile fits. Following fever child develops fits
(twitching of arms / legs) which usually last for less than 5mins following which child
may be drowsy or sleepy for some time. Sometime the episode can last for 15 minutes.
Usually single episode occurs on day one of fever.

8. What is complex febrile fits?
Less common type. child can have recurrent episodes of fits and can even last
for more than 15 minutes.

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