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Wearing a Tie. Look smart.. but at the expense of your brain blood flow?

By : on : August 28, 2018 comments : (0)

Wearing a tie is quite desirable by both the employees and the employers, in certain profession.

In many schools in India, suit and Tie have become mandatory for young students .
Students do look very smart indeed…

Are there any advantages of wearing a Tie?

I wonder…

Well, without a doubt people do look smart. In the freezing conditions it does keep the warmth, and make us feel nice and cozy. It may protect against scorching sunlight, perhaps.

Thinking quite deep, it may well protect school children from mosquito bites and thereby help reduce the incidence of Dengue. (Anecdotal, observational evidence of mine suggest that).

I am a practising Paediatrician at Madurai.

I happened to practice during the (atleast 2 ) waves of dengue fever epidemics. I noticed the number of cases of Dengue was the least from one particular school,where wearing a tie is mandatory. It may well be that ” Tie” played a role in the lower incidence of Dengue.

Now coming to the downside of wearing Tie

Recent study suggests that wearing a Tie significantly reduces the blood flow to the brain in the study individuals.

Though it was a small study with which we cant be sure of the findings, it does raise a serious concern of possible effect of “tie” in the most vital part of the body, “The brain”.

For now atleast school children should be allowed to loosen up their tie, i think.

Reference :
Should you stop wearing neckties?
Robin luddecke et all
Published in Springer nature, july 2018

Dr Saravanan


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