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Antibacterial Soaps, Paint and even antibacterial Light bulbs!!! It is crazy!!!

By : on : May 5, 2019 comments : (3)

Yesterday, I watched an audacious TV advertisement, that made me write this article today. This particular advertisement tries to sell the “light bulbs”  on the basis that it gets rid of bacteria, that is around us. Astonishingly, it also says that it’s claims are supported by Indian Medical Association.

This advertisement is not the only one that we get to watch on television. There is a particular brand of paint apparently helps to eliminate bacteria and there are many more soaps and handwashes, that helps us kill 99.99% of the bugs.

Do these claims have any scientific backing?

First of all, we all must understand the basic facts.

Our body is home to nearly 40 trillion microbes, which outnumbers our own 30 trillion human cells. In otherwords, we are more of a bacteria/microbes, than a “human”, when we look at ourselves, at cellular level.

What is around us is no exception. We are surrounded by trillions of bacteria at home. They have always been with us “the human”, ever since we appeared on earth. Most of these bugs are friendly and our existence depends on the co-operative relationships, that we have with them.

And so, getting rid of the microbes that surrounds us, is not only impossible, but also a dangerous act. In our quest to destroy the bugs, we certainly would eliminate the friendly bugs and inadvertently give an upper hand to harmful bugs.

Now comes the question… Should we use the soap or not?

Of course hygiene is very important. Washing our hands with plain soap is very useful. But,use only the plain soaps. Avoid using soaps that claim to have antibacterial properties.

Don’t heed to paint and light bulb advertisements that glorifies the “bug riddance” principle.

A big thumbs down to irresponsible advertisements!!!

Please do not turn our homes into an operation theatre.

Let us empower ourselves with true knowledge in this era of unregulated fake claims.




Dr Saravanan


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