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Pregnancy, Fertility, Breast pump, In Labour monitoring…Women’s Gadgets on the boom

By : on : June 3, 2019 comments : (2)

Modern women and gadget for women’s health


An untrained old lady of wisdom comes around and checks the pregnancy status of a woman, just by checking the pulse. She says  “You are going to be a mother of a beautiful male baby”. The whole family erupts with joy….. All of us must have seen a seen a Indian movie, in our lifetime with such scenes, for sure.

Now gadgets are coming up in a big way, thanks to the technology industry !!


Fertility tracker :

Now a lady could wear a bracelet that could inform her fertility status in realtime, and help plan her pregnancy. Strangely, this gadget works just checking the temperature and pulse rate of a woman just like an untrained “Dhai” of indian cinemas. But this bracelet is scientifically tested to be 90% accurate.


Wearable Breast pump :

Breast pumps are around for a long time. But this new kind of device gives freedom for the women to go about her daily routine, while the pump does it’s job. Yes, the gadget is  small enough wearable device. It is connected to an app and gives all the data for the mother and keeps her informed.

There is also a nipple shield that can accurately calculate the volume of the milk expressed !!


Pregnancy contraction tracker :

Now women can attach themselves with a small wireless biosensor and could trace the uterine contraction during labour

Bra with ECG :

Bras fitted with biosensors could trace up ECG readings and breathing rate are available now. These could be used in variety of clinical situations.


Pelvic Trainer :

A wearable device that gives feedback to a woman, who wants to enhance her exercises to  strengthen pelvic floor muscles, through an app.


Are these gadgets crazy?

Many people would thing so. But many other women are finding them extremely useful.Technology industry and  their customers would argue, if technology gives specific solution to a woman’s problem, “where comes the problem?”

Gadgets are helping people for sure and so, many would not mind  sharing the most private of their datas. Industry will surely grab the benefits of this “big data” with open arms.

Technology is just evolving, and the customers are the ones that will decide the market and fate of these devices. Those who are generally sceptical about technologies in healthcare, can lookaway, but reality is that,” Technology ” is here is to stay and will continue to make a big impact in our daily lives !!!

Dr Saravanan


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