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The cold Virus, The Flu virus and the Dreaded Corona Virus

By : on : January 29, 2020 comments : (2)

    Recently I saw the video in Whatsapp, in which a doctor is seen removing a worm from the lip of a person and the attached information su...

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Antibacterial Soaps, Paint and even antibacterial Light bulbs!!! It is crazy!!!

By : on : May 5, 2019 comments : (3)

Antibacterial soaps, antibacterial paints and light bulbs are potentially harmful...

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After all, Milk Teeth vanish. Do i care?

By : on : August 28, 2018 comments : (0)

I am called as “Milk Teeth” because of I am milky white in colour. I the “Milk Teeth” start to erupt anytime after 6 months of birth and i com...

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