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Paediatric Surgery


In our hospital we do perform very complex surgeries even on very tiny babies. The best surgical skills and top class pre operative care is yielding the best possible outcome.  Procedures are carried out in well equipped operation theatre facility available in our hospital.

All sorts of surgical conditions are treated in our intensive care. Here are some examples..

Abdominal distension, Gut perforation, Delayed passage of meconium , imperforate anus, hirschprung’s disease, diaphragmatic  hernia, tracheo oesophageal fistula, hydrocele , hernia, phimosis , appendicitis, pancreatitis, pneumothorax,  empyema  and ‘burn’ injuries   are  successfully handled by  dedicated paediatric surgeon in our hospital.

All trauma and surgical emergency cases are attended round the clock in the casualty.


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