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Walking and Pregnancy…6000 Steps to safe pregnancy

By : on : July 9, 2018 comments : (2)

What could be worse than smoking cigarette everyday, for our health? I would say “Sofa” and “Bed rest”. These two are the dead...

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Wearing a Tie. Look smart.. but at the expense of your brain blood flow?

By : on : July 6, 2018 comments : (6)

Wearing a tie is quite desirable by both the employees and the employers, in certain profession. In many schools in India, suit and  Tie have become ...

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Era of Test tube Babies – “IVF” Invitro fertilisation

By : on : July 6, 2018 comments : (0)

More than 80 lakhs test tube babies born (from IVF) since the birth of Louise Brown, 40 years ago. Louise Brown, the world’s first IVF baby, was...

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Hello doctor…Any home remedies for runny nose for my 10 months old child?

By : on : July 4, 2018 comments : (4)

I really dont know, what the home medicines do to help with the cold, for your child. Runny nose is usually a symptom of viral infection, and it is us...

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Branded fried chicken is not healthy…But my son loves it. Shall I get it for him, occasionally?

By : on : July 3, 2018 comments : (0)

  Many parents have this question in their mind, yet fulfill the appetite for fast food cravings of their children. Fried chicken especially is &...

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Health of Pregnant mothers and future of future generations

By : on : June 30, 2018 comments : (6)

Though we could do lot of things in our life time, to remain in good health,but many things are preordained and out of our control and designed well b...

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Doctor, Why are you giving so many vaccines to my child?

By : on : June 30, 2018 comments : (18)

I am Paediatrician. I do vaccination, in my clinic. Though they have come to complete the vaccination scheduled for their children, Some of the parent...

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Fever in a child…Is it all bad? Should we, always be treating the fever?

By : on : June 26, 2018 comments : (10)

  Hardly Nothing else worries a mother, more than her child’s fever spikes. Question 1 Is there any physiological need of fever. Is there a...

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Pregnancy and Diet

By : on : June 21, 2018 comments : (4)

There is no time in the human life, more crucial role the food plays , than during pregnancy. It is true that first 1000 days of human life (that is f...

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After all, Milk Teeth vanish.Do i care?

By : on : June 16, 2018 comments : (3)

I am called as “Milk Teeth” because of I  am milky white in colour. I the “Milk Teeth” start to erupt anytime after 6 months ...

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