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Abortion : Cost of a successful pregnancy is high

By : on : July 31, 2018 comments : (2)

  If you think abortion is rare. Think again. In women’s life aborted pregnancies are much more common than successful live births, in thei...

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The Umbilical cord mystery !!!

By : on : July 12, 2018 comments : (0)

    What on earth we are supposed to do with the Umbilical cord?   We live in the era of “Ground breaking researches and new therapie...

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Walking and Pregnancy…6000 Steps to safe pregnancy

By : on : July 9, 2018 comments : (2)

What could be worse than smoking cigarette everyday, for our health? I would say “Sofa” and “Bed rest”. These two are the dead...

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Health of Pregnant mothers and future of future generations

By : on : June 30, 2018 comments : (6)

Though we could do lot of things in our life time, to remain in good health,but many things are preordained and out of our control and designed well b...

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