Imagine !! You have done your bits at home, for the morning. Your children are off to school. You are quite relaxed. Your husband makes a fantastic cup of coffee for you…☕☕
Striking aroma … everywhere!!!
You switch on your television, and there it was your dazzling favourite program!. You are quite switched on and your eyes wide open. Very enjoyable time indeed.
But there is a down side to watching your favourite program on tv and at the same time having your coffee!!
Does the vision have any influence over the smell?
Yes. You no longer will able to smell and enjoy the yummy cup of coffee, made by your lovely husband.
Even if you stop watching the TV the effect lasts for quite a while…that you won’t smell the coffee.
This is called “Inattentional anosmia”. The brain’s ability to focus on smell takes a beating, while your brain is busy helping you get you excited about your  TV program
And so….Never do anything else while sipping away your morning cup of coffee….
Dr M. Saravanan Child specialist, Rio children’s Hospital, Madurai