Tale care of Teeth and Gum to protect the brain

If we brush our teeth well, we could actually be cleaning up our brain!!

We all know brushing our teeth and flossing, help keep our “Teeth and Gum” healthy. But not many of us know, that these two habits actually help protect our brain.


Researchers in Norway have discovered a vital link between Gum disease and Alzheimer’s disease . People with Alzheimer’s disease become so forgetful, that their survival becomes difficult everyday.

New researchers found a DNA based proof that the bacteria causing gingivitis called Porphyromonas Gingivalis, moves from the mouth to the brain. The “Gingipains” the toxins produced by this bacteria accumulates, and destroys the brain cells. This destruction results in the development of features of Alzhiemer’s disease.

Technology and science is progressing to counter this serious problem. Drugs are being developed to prevent this process.

But easier way of prevention is known to us all.

Just brush your Teeth twice a day. Use your floss every day. Nurture the habit of proper brushing in your child, early on.

Visit your Dentist regularly.

Brush your teeth to keep your brain clean !!

Dr Saravanan  Paediatric consultant,
Rio Children’s Hospital, Madurai
Dr Vijayakumar MDS, Paediatric Dentist
Rio Children’s Hospital, Madurai