Benefits of having a dog

Positive health benefits of having a dog : For children and adults

My children love dogs and they want me to get two of them, for our home. They would like, one Golden retriver and a Siberian husky.
My children were brought up in the UK in their early days, and those days there was a great concern that having a dog at home poses the danger of increased chances of allergic diseases such as skin allergy (Eczema) and Asthma. Now a lot of evidences are coming out that points that the opposite is true. Dogs do no harm but infact there are big health benefits to having dogs at home.
Exposing pregnant mothers to livestocks ( Poultry and Cows) and having a dog at home, when our children are very young, actually help reducing the chance of allergic diseases such as Eczema and Asthma in Children, when they grow up.
Health benefits of having a dog is great for the adults too.
It has been scientifically proven that dog owners are more likely to be very active and meet physical activity guidelines than the people without dogs. Also there are good evidences to suggest that dog owners have significantly lesser risk of having a stroke or heart attack. They also shown to have lower death rate in the general population.
Apart from the physical health benefits, Dogs helps us improve our social life. It also reduces our stress levels and chance of depression. Dogs also add meaning and purpose to lives of many human beings.
Despite knowing all these benefits we do not have a dog at home. Just like my children, I would love to have a dog at home. But it has been an impossible task for three of us at home convincing our big boss at home, so far. Hope one day my kids and I will be successful.
Dogs for healthy and longer life!!!