Mom, moooom.. I can’t find my pencil box.Where is it?
Son : Mom…Where is my pencil box?

Mom: open the cupboard and see

Son : No mom. It is not there

Mom comes out of the kitchen in a hurry quite annoyed. Opens the cupboard and brings out the pencil box , as if it was an act of magic.

I bet you as a mother would have experienced this very often with your son. Perhaps with your husband.

There is a biological and evolutionary reason behind act of men, seemingly trying to drive you mad.

Biologically women have far better colour vision than men, thanks to plenty of cone cells on the retina of women. Most importantly women have much better peripheral vision that helps to achieve sweeping wide angle vision that grabs all the objects around them.

Evolutionary point of view, millions of years ago, men went out hunting and they improved their distant( tunnel) vision, to focus only on the target animals, successfully.

On the other hand, women defended their nests from the preying eyes of the dangerous animals in the vicinity by having a wider angle of vision.

So, when your husband asks ” where is my car key?”. Be sympathetic and find the keys for him with a smile.

? will you ?….

If your husband gives that biological explanation to you ..

I bet you would say to him

” samalification”