For the First Time in South Tamil Nadu

End to End Genomics Services NOW at MADURAI

  • Pre and Post test Genetic Counselling
  • Diagnosis and Health screening of genetic disorders using advanced Clinical Genetic Testing like NGS
  • Research and Data Analysis
  • Report Interpretation and Re-analysis
  • Management of genetic disorders
  • Genetic wellness and lifestyle recommendations

Dr. Janani Dakshina Moorthy

Senior Genetic Counsellor
  • BGCI Certified Genetic Counsellor
  • Founder and Clinical Geneticist, GeneAura (P) Ltd, Chennai
  • Co-founder and Member Secretary, The PCOS Foundation, Chennai


Rio Hospital is at the forefront of delivering quality and affordable healthcare to women and children ever since its launch.

Aligning to the core vision of the hospital to offer end to end values “under one roof”, we at Rio hospital went an extra mile to bring World Class Genomics based solutions to the people of Madurai, by partnering with an ambitious genomics startup – GeneAura (P) Ltd. Together we have committed to offering the most comprehensive personalised treatment care initiatives for our patients.

Consanguineous marriages are more common in South Tamil Nadu (than anywhere in India) especially around the sub-urbs of Madurai. And consanguinity is one of the major risk factors for many genetic disorders concerning women and children.

Rio Genetic Clinic is the first of its kind established in South Tamil Nadu that offers an end to end genomics based care solutions at affordable price points. This pioneering effort has been made to improve the quality of life of the local patient population, who otherwise, has to travel to large metro cities or has to wait for a month – to meet a Genetic Counsellor, to go for the recommended genetic testing and to manage the genetic disorder.

Rio Genetic Clinic is an EVERYDAY CLINIC operating from 9am to 5pm at Rio Hospital, Madurai