How much exercise is beneficial

Exercise. Not too little. Not too much

We all know that if we remain active and do regular exercises, it helps live healthy and live longer. Lots of scientific studies have shown the positive health benefits of physical activity on health of our heart.
On the otherhand there are plenty of evidences to show the negative effect of sedentary life style. Among those, sitting for long period of time has been shown to be one of serious risk factor for the ill health of our heart and brain.
Unfortunately all of us are hardwired to be lazy and have the tendency to look around for a comfy sofa to sit, when we remain awake. It takes a lots of conscious effort and determination to keep ourselves active and do regular exercise. The reward is great if we overcome our inherent laziness and get ourselves into the daily routine of exercise.
The exercise not only protects our heart and brain, but also suppresses the unwanted chronic inflammatory process as we age and helps reduce the chance of us developing diabetes, cancer, and mental illnesses, etc.
Yes exercise is great. But… Every hero has his darker side.. Too much of anything becomes a poison.
The copenhagen city heart study is one of the key studies, that has clearly shown the down side of doing too much of jogging. It has shown that light or moderate jogging is associated with great benefit. But on the otherhand it also showed that aggressive strenuous joggers die early and their life expectancy seems to be very much similar to those who do not do much exercise or live a sedentary lifestyle.
We also know overindulgence in physical activity results in many more problems including reduced immunity, reduced fertility, loss of libido, over training syndrome etc.
Too much of exercise is as bad as no exercise at all.
Be active and enjoy moderate exercise and live a long healthy life
Now you would ask me how much exercise is too much. I shall explain that in my next article. Cheers
Dr M Saravanan
Consultant Paediatrician
Rio Children and Maternity Hospital