My son (8 yrs) had a severe cough during night (only) for at least two months which used to disturb him to get sleep and he would make him hard for himto wake up in the morning to attend school. We had seen many doctors in around chennai .But no one were able to cure him permanently. Then we heard about rio hospital madurai, which is only for kids. We made a try. Yipee my son had hit a jackpot. The hospital environmental condition, nurse approach towards kids and mainly Dr .Saravanan’ s treatment to cure his cough was good. Thanks to Rio hospital and Dr . Saravanan to make my son sleep and forget about the cough.


Amazing service..Clean environment..staffs are replying very patiently even though they really busy..such a wonderful hospital for kids and especially for underweight babies..I have been taking regular medical checkups and immunizing for my baby for the past 3 months..become very friendly with the hospital crew…and its a privilege to mention about Dr.Saravanan…such a human he is…he never suggested loads and loads of medicines to my baby…always suggested what is needed for the kid…Thank you for your service doctor…god bless you.


Excellent, well equipped paediatric hospital with state of the art facilities especially for neonatal. Having a very well trained and oriented team of doctors and staff, under the guidance and watchful eyes of the MD of RIO hospital a renowned, experienced ,dedicated ,committed ,kind hearted UK return neonatologist Dr Saravanan doing wonderful job. People of Madurai as well as down south is fortunate to have this kind of facility which is providing at most quality child care in their reach. Kudos to all .


Really happy to share my dad feelings really I appreciated Dr.saravan &team doctors I had baby boy 1.400gr I worried lot,but all the doctors take care well.i really thanks to Sister Rama thilagam awesome ,The hospital hygiene please need little more..This hospital more than 100% try to save baby’s life
Once again thanks to all the doctors…..


I strongly recommend Rio hospital for kids health & care. Doctors, in-specific, Dr. Saravanan and Dr. Sathish, doing a great job. We are so happy with their service. We welcome their service in Madurai city.


i am a retinal surgeon who was in Madurai for almost 10 years and my speciality was paediatric retinal diseases. So i had a chance to work with Dr Saravanan, and i can without doubt say that he is the best neonatologist i have ever come across. He is very scientific in his approach and is extremely compassionate to babies.


Rio hospital is the next home for kids,Dr saravanan is the best padetrician in Madurai city.He diagnosis disease in a right way and give us proper guidance.For the past four years my son rukman and infant aruthra get vaccinated and get excellent treatment here…All staff are too good especially nurse Mrs ramathilagam and guru devi r very kind to kids..I wish u all success in future endeavours.


Lot of thanks to Dr. Saravanan & his meadical team. Good hospital with sufficient infrastructure. Especially they perform well for an emergency case’s.


We are really happy with the advice and the care taken by doctor saravan sir… And hospitality is extremely good… All staff are well natured and well behaved… It’s like a home we can trust and come… All the best Rio hospital

Rajesh Kumar

I had severe dengue fever last year and I was admitted in Narayana hospital Bangalore,from morning till evening I was admitted in hospital room un attended by any doctors,since we knew about Rio,we decided to travel all the way to Madurai…and because of Dr Saravanan’s treatment and God’s grace I recovered fully. I owe him my heartfelt thanks.


I am surprised to see such an exclusive children hospital in Madurai that gives high quality care. Best children hospital in Madurai. My grandchild was very ill and got transferred from theni in Rio ambulance with doctors . Treated appropriately at Rio children hospital and now she is very well. Thank you doctors and nurses of Rio hospital.


Superb hospital in madurai. The write choice for children to seek exact diagnosis, better care and treatment. Our special gratitude to DR.SARAVANAN & DR. SATHEESH. and special thanks to DR. VENKATESH and DR. ANANDAKUMAR. for their valuable and exact treatment. In part of nursing care first thanks to NS MAM & thanks to all PICU staffs and staff theboral, mutheeswari and priyadharshini remaining staffs name we don’t know but all staffs are good. Once again thank to RIO.


I am very much impressed and satisfied with the services rendered by the hospital staff i.e. Nurses, Doctors and all at the hospital wing. They all are very kind and cooperative. The best place to trust your healthy wellbeing.


Had a wonderful experience with Rio. No words to explain. Post hospital follow up is amazing… Kudos to Rio team and the well equipped paramedic team.


Best care is given to the children. Parents are given thorough details about the condition of the child’s health.The hospital is cleanly maintained.


I personally recommend you for new born babys…and children care
They are best treatment providers…for childs…I lively seem there doctors treatment…….they very well experienced people’s…I like there environmental…for childs…


State of art world class neonatal care by expert, skillful and most ethical team of doctors under Dr Saravanan are a gift to the people of Madurai….. They gave a new lease of life for my neonate….. The staff are very polite and attend to all patients with utmost hospitality…..


Well equipped pediatric hospital with the latest facilities for round the clock neonatal care. Dr. Saravanan is very genuine and dedicated in his work. His experience in UK is an added advantage in providing best medical services in Madurai.


My daughter was a premature baby,her weight was 1.7kg when she was born after few weeks itself she was normal.Doctors treated my daughter very well.she is perfectly normal now as normal baby.Her weight is also increased as normal baby now. I suggested RIO hospitals for the baby of my sister in law and my sister also. They have been consulting doctors at the hospital whenever required.
Dr.Saravanan sir prescribes medicines of low dose. The doctors at the hospital are not suggesting for unnecessary tests and examinations. The treatment looks very simple and easy. No complications are observed in the whole process for the last two years of baby’s treatment.


I found one mother who had premature baby delivered in 6 months in some hospital and suffered with some problems and suggested to go to Rio hospital.With the best services of Dr.Saravanan.M that baby has been cured and celebrated her 1st birthday now.That child’s parents & their family members thanked me for reference to the right hospital in right time & in fact told them to thank doctor Saravanan.M & his team to save their girl child. By seeing the Happy of the family members as a senior citizen felt very happy & thanked Dr.Saravanan.My best wishes to Dr.Saravanan to continue his best services always in coming years.?