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Who we are


Rio is the best children hospital in Madurai, providing the best Paediatric care and Maternity services to expectant mothers  and their children

We employ the top Paediatricians in Madurai and best Gynaecologists in Madurai, to provide high standard of care for mother and child.

The Rio ” Mom and Me”  initiative is a great success, well appreciated by pregnant mothers and Children in Madurai.

” Rio ” the best Child health care hospital and best Maternity hospital, under roof

Rio Departments


Our NICU include facilities such as incubator, radiant warmer, phototherapy, multi parameter, high-tech ventilators, invasive arterial BP monitoring, arterial blood gas measurement, 24 hours portable digital X-ray, ultra sound and portable ECHO, transcutaneous bilirubinometer (assessing jaundice levels in babies without pricking), total parenteral nutrition, central venous access, umbilical lines, double volume exchange transfusion and cerebral function monitoring (CFM).


Pediatric intensive care is fully functional with all state-of the art facilities and instruments in our children’s hospital. Excellent care is given by well trained team of doctors and nurse. Intensive care is provided for all paediatric illnesses such as severe respiratory distress, severe asthma, shock, dehydration, dengue fever, fits meningitis, cardiac problems, Diabetic ketoacidosis, metabolic problems and others.

Paediatric Accidents

Our children’s hospital runs well equipped casualty for 24 hours on all days to deal with all kinds of emergencies and critical illnesses. All sick children are attended immediately and given appropriate care without delay by well trained emergency doctors

General Paediatrics


The outpatient department is functional for 24/7 in our hospital. Consultation is given in all Paediatric specialities by well trained children’s specialist doctors. We cater to the health care needs of children from newborn babies to 18 years of age. We provide consultation and treatment for all common paediatric illness like fever, respiratory infection (pneumonia), wheezing, vomiting and diarrhoea, nutritional and vitamin deficiencies, urinary tract infection, skin infection, surgical issues etc.

Maternity Care

Attractive low cost packages are available for both normal delivery and caeserian section delivery for those who book their pregnancy with our gynecologists. Antenatal scan are done by the Top Gynecologists and if there were to be any pregnancy related problems, then appropriate counseling will be given and best treatment will be given both for mothers and babies. Rio Maternity hospital is the favorite referral hospital for best lady doctors in Madurai, for complicated delivery.

Plastic Surgery

We have provision for Plastic surgery treatment for various conditions including soft tissue injury, cleft palate repair, cosmetic surgeries, etc. Burns & scalds injuries are given excellent care.


Fully fledged pharmacy is available in our hospital with all paediatric medicines and vaccines.

24 Hours Lab


We have state of the art laboratory, functioning 24*7 with qualified technical team. All kind of blood tests including metabolic assays, Newborn screening tests are carried being out in the laboratory.

Vaccination Services

All vaccines from birth to adolescence are given as per national immunization schedule on all days in our outpatients department. With 3 levels of back up, uninterrupted power supply is 100% ensured to avoid vaccines losing their potency. We provide free sms vaccine alert to parents, to ensure timely vaccination for your babies and children

Emergency Service

Rio children’s Hospital provides advanced emergency care services for children and pregnant mothers. All kinds of medical emergencies are treated at the referral place.We have high-tech ambulance equipped with incubator and transport ventilator facilities.

Dr. M. Saravanan M.B.,B.S., DCH., MRCP (UK)


Our chairman Dr Saravanan after having qualified as Paediatrician in India went to England and spent over 15 years and gained wealth of knowledge and skills to provide advanced care for the sickest of the children.

Dr. D. Sathish kumar M.B.,B.S, M.D (Paediatrics)

PICU, General Paediatrics

He is a member of Indian academy of Paediatrics (IAP) & National Neonatology Forum (NNF). He is a national trainer for Neonatal Resuscitation Programme (NRP). Currently he is working as our Senior Consultant. His area of interest includes mechanical ventilation, total body cooling for Hypoxic Ischemic Encephalopathy, caring of extremely low birth weight babies and neonatal transport.

Dr. C. Vinodh M.B.,B.S., D.N.B (Pediatrics)., F.N.I.C.,

PICU, General Paediatrics

Dr. C. Vinodh is a Senior Consultant in Neonatal and Pediatric Medicine at Rio Super Specialty Children’s Hospital. He has expertise in successfully managing high risk and sick neonates, Extreme Preterm and Low Birth Weight babies in NICU, esp. tertiary level care. He can effectively manage babies with moderate to severe Birth Asphyxia with Therapeutic Hypothermia. He has a special interest in monitoring Neuro Developmental outcomes of High Risk Neonates.

Dr. C. Vijay Anand M.B.,B.S., D.N.B., M.Ch. (Paediatric surgery)

Paediatric Surgery

He is a part of Rio Children’s Hospital right from its inception. Apart from common Paediatric surgeries (for hernia, hydroceles undescended testis, appendicits, intussusception, IHPS, Phimosis) and urological surgeries (for hypospadias, hydronephrosis, refluxes), he has successfully performed so many neonatal surgeries including that for Esophageal atresia, congenital Diaphragmatic hernia, malrotation, duodenal/small bowel atresias, duplication/ovarian cysts, VI Duct/urachal anomalies, lung cysts/malformations, anorectal malformations and bowel perforation/ obstruction.



As a 24-hour emergency hospital, we are here to provide essential medical care any day and any time. our staff of emergency care physicians is here to help.

World Class Premise

In Madurai

We are in the new world class hospital premise. It is built to give an experience that alleviates the discomfort of a child and stress of the parents



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