Ensuring ventilation is the key to prevention of corona

What needs to be done to protect against corona once the lock down ends

In the fight against Corona, the world mostly has focused on two things
Hand washing and Social distancing. However it has completely forgotten about a single important factor. That is “Ventilation”. If you look carefully most of the spread has happened in closed confines of Public spaces such as Churches, Mosques, Office spaces, Public transport machinery such as Flights,Trains and Buses etc. We all should understand that air conditioner only rotates the air inside a room or a given space.It doesn’t let the air out of the room and bring in fresh air. It is important to continue the the advices such as wearing a mask, social distancing and hand washing to prevent Corona spread, however we need to pay attention to “ventilation” in the spaces where we work, in the spaces by worship, and in the spaces where we entertain ourselves.
One of the things hospitals have been doing is having a technology called HEPA filter in the air conditioning system,which stands for “High efficiency particulate air”, it basically ensures that the air that is is coming out through a space is filtered before it is cooled and then comes back to the space where we use. The HEPA filters are quite efficient in filtering out the viruses,including Corona (Covid-19).
Now regulatory authorities are insisting on bringing HEPA filters into the flights to make the air travel safe. Public spaces including places of worships and other Transport systems such as Trains and buses too should consider bringing in this technology to safeguard against covid 19.
In fighting Corona I feel it is important to bring in the “ventilation” as an important tool to win over