How to avoid flu?
First of all we should know the differences between the “common cold” and the “Flu”.
Common cold is caused by a relatively harmless infection caused by various types of viruses. While the dreaded “Flu “is caused by specific virus called “Influenza”. “Flu ” potentially can pose a threat to life, in the vulnerable individuals. Suspect Flu when you have cold,cough and in addition if you develop the following symptoms
. Extreme tiredness,fatigue
. Persistent vomiting
. Severe muscular pain
. Severe Headache
It is important that we are aware of this important seasonal health issue that strikes every year.
“Flu ” potentially can result in threat to life in the vulnerable individuals.
Simple measures that can help avoid catching Flu
1) Have your yearly Flu jab
a) Who should have it?
Any child over 6 months of age and all adults, are recommended to have their flu jab every year.
When the supply is limited or if cost constrains are a problem, then the priority is given to the following for having the Flu vaccines
. Child aged between 6 months to 4 years
. Adults over 50 years
. Children with long term pulmonary illnesses, such as Asthma
. Adults with lung problems
. Pregnant mothers
. Health care workers who are at increased exposure to Flu patients.
. Obese individuals
2) other general measures that helps
. Avoid contact with children or adults with suspected Flu
. Avoid going to work if you were to develop Flu symptoms and wait for atleast 24 hours after the fever subsides
. Use tissues while coughing or sneezing and discard them promptly
. Regularly wash your hands
3) Boost your immunity to defend the Flu bug
By the following measures
. Eat variety of fruits
. Minimise stress
. Regular moderate exercises
. Exposure to sunshine and perhaps taking Vitamin D regularly
Stay healthy… stay away from Flu